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Winter Skincare Tips

Wearing sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays – even in Winter!

Winter is here – especially in the South Island, New Zealand, where we experience extreme cold, which can really dry out the skin. During the Winter months, the temperature drops and winds become harsh, our indoor heating is regularly turned on, and we may even drink less water – which can make our skin feel especially dry and agitated. These factors can leave your skin vulnerable to UV damage (including UVA, UVB and UVC).

Even without sunshine, UV rays can still damage your skin. Did you know that 90% of environmental skin damage is related to UV exposure? Environmental damage contributes to aging, loss of collagen and pigmentation damage. While we may not have considered this when we were younger, we now have the knowledge and products available to protect our skin from such environmental damage.

"Did you know that 90% of environmental skin damage is related to UV exposure?"

UV rays are so strong, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, where they can penetrate the strongest of foundations – even concrete! So even double-glazed windows will not protect you from UV damage indoors. We all know someone who is regularly out on the road, and has one arm that is especially tanned from being closest to the window while driving!

Bottom line: sunscreen is non-negotiable. This is the most important skincare product available and it should be worn throughout the year, irrespective of season. Importantly, your sunscreen needs to provide a high level of sun protection against UVA / UVB damage. You may not want to hear it, but those supermarket brands are just not going to give you the maximum protection you need.

"Bottom line: sunscreen is non-negotiable."

With a broad-spectrum cosmeceutical skincare range, such as Nimue Sun-C, you will be able to both protect and moisturise your skin. Nimue Sun-C offers a lightweight, fast-absorbing formulation that you won’t even notice once applied – and the best part? Nimue Sun-C will protect your skin while also reducing visible signs of aging. Formulated to offer certified high broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, while assisting the skin to resist and absorb pro-ageing solar radiations (UV and Infa-red) and pro-ageing thermal shock (heat and cold). Even better is that Nimue Sun-C is reef-safe, which means it does not include any chemicals that are toxic to our coral reefs!

Nimue's Sun-C Range (image by Emily Hugo Photography in collaboration with Christchurch Weddings)

There are so many different sunscreen brands that claim to protect your skin, so feel free to ask me the next time you are in the salon for more information on how you can best protect the skin you’re in.

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