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Journey of a Skin Specialist

I am Nicola Austin, owner/operator of Merivale Health and Beauty Clinique. I was born in the North Island, but call Christchurch my home – I have been living here for over 30 years!

Inside Merivale Health & Beauty (image by Emily Hugo Photography in collaboration with Christchurch Weddings)

While I initially trained in Pharmacy, with changes to prescription policies, I was sent out to complete cosmetics training to work in the cosmetics department. I couldn’t help but wonder why so many people purchased cosmetics to cover their skin and conceal their skin conditions.

After a bit of research, I discovered that New Zealand offered professional beauty therapy qualifications – hence my move to Christchurch! After graduating as a qualified Beauty Therapist in late-1991, I immediately opened an in-home clinic. I must admit – I was a bit naïve entering business at 23-years old, but I was determined to help people look after their skin.

After 29 years in the industry, I am still passionate about my job as a Skin and Beauty Specialist – I actually love what I do so much that I don’t classify it as work! With my clinic at home, my clients have become more like family, as we have journeyed through many years together!

Although the earthquakes of 2011 destroyed both our home and my clinic, I was able to re-build and design my new clinic exactly how I wanted! Designed to give you the most relaxing experience, the clinic is purpose-built to ensure that the moment you step inside, you can forget about the world outside.

"...the clinic is purpose-built to ensure that the moment you step inside, you can forget about the world outside."

In line with my passion, I specialise in skincare to ensure your skin receives the absolute best care and treatment possible. In addition to skincare, I offer a wide range of services – from spray tanning to lash lifts and tinting to Henna brows. I also provide hair removal services through waxing or more permanent removal with electrology. My clients have entrusted me with taking care of all their beauty needs for every special occasion – including school balls, cocktail functions and weddings!

Call or book online for your next treatment and let me help you ensure you receive the very best care for you and your skin.

Nicola Austin


(03) 355 7812 | 027 283 1905

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